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Principal of Tsung Tsin Primary School and Kindergarten - Dr. Woon-ling TAM (updated on 22nd February 2012)

Doctorate of Education ( U.K. ), Master of Arts Degree in English Language Teaching (H.K.), Bachelor of Arts Degree in Educational Psychology ( Canada ), English Language Teaching Certificates ( Canada , U.K. , H.K.)

After teaching in secondary schools in Hong Kong for many years, Dr. Tam became the principal of a Christian primary school and kindergarten. She was responsible for the advancement of the school and the development of the international kindergarten.

Dr. Tam gained invaluable experience when she moved to Canada and took courses in Early Childhood Education while consecutively becoming the Programme Director of a Voluntary Educational Organisation. During her time served abroad in Canada , Dr. Tam designed and implemented numerous educational and research projects which were funded by "The Canadian Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration of The Federal Government of Canada" and "The Canadian Literacy Secretariat in Ontario ".

Dr. Tam subsequently returned to Hong Kong and has held the post of Principal of Tsung Tsin Primary School and Kindergarten since August 1996. Dr. Tam has also been a part-time lecturer in ‘Professional Teaching Skills (Primary School)' at the School of Languages and Education of the Open University of Hong Kong since October 2002. This professional sharing with serving teachers who take her course has enriched her perspectives, approaches and philosophies to teaching.

Dr. Tam strongly believes that no matter how occupied and hard-working we are at school and at work, everybody should try to find the time to contribute to and benefit society. Consequently, in her spare time she has managed to participate in many voluntary community services. Dr. Tam was a member of The H.K.S.A.R. Sham Shui Po South Area Committee under the Home Affairs Department in 2003-2004 and a member of its East Area Committee in 2004-2010.  She was a member of The H.K.S.A.R.Sham Shui Po East Sub Committee Social Services Consultative Group in 2005-2008. She is currently an Advisory Member of The Sham Shui Po Focused Group (2004-2012), a Member of The Sham Shui Po School Liaison Committee (2010-2012) and a Member of the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (2012-2014).

Dr. Tam is very proud of the fact that for many years the government has continued to recognise Tsung Tsin Primary School and Kindergarten's excellent achievements and successes in providing the highest quality of education. Dr. Tam has supervised and carried through many educational projects which were financed by the Quality Education Fund Secretariat (QEF) and other funders. The school's greatest accomplishment was to receive funding by the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) for the "English Play Stations" in the "English Festival 2005" (2004-2005) in which 1600 students from the community of all parts of Hong Kong were enrolled.

The projects which were successfully implemented since August 1996 include:

(1) "Educating Parents - School and the Community Advance in Tandem" (1999-2000) funded by QEF

(2) "Be Considerate and Rejoice - I love Hong Kong " (1999-2000 ) funded by QEF

(3) "Parent-Teacher Information Technology Room" (2000-2001) funded by QEF

(4) "Home-School Cooperative Support Services" (2000-2001) funded by QEF

(5) "Let's Talk in Putonghua" (2001-2002) funded by QEF

(6) "Our School Band" (2001-2002) funded by QEF

(7) "English Play Stations" - large scale language learning programme (2004-2005) funded by SCOLAR (Project Number E/041/04)

(8) "Shadowing - Parent Education and Development" (2005-2006) funded by QEF

(9) "Distance Learning Classroom" Project Number 2009/0226(2010-2011) funded by QEF

(10) "Life Education Project" (2011-2012) funded by QEF

(11) "Clean Energy Playground" (2011-2012) funded by Hong Kong Electric Clean Energy Fund

Dr. Tam's ideal is to work with dedicated and diligent Christian teachers in collaboration with supportive and cooperative parents where every child reaches his or her potential. She aims for an environment which is conducive to learning from which the students go on to success and happiness and retain fond memories of their childhood studying at Tsung Tsin Primary School and Kindergarten.